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The Witcher Adventure Game lets four tabletop players compete, cooperate

Complete quests, earn gold, and progress with one of four unique characters

CD Projekt Red is partnering with Fantasy Flight Games for The Witcher Adventure Game, a tabletop board game also planned for iOS and Android tablets.

The adventure casts four players as four characters from the world of the books and video games: the Witcher himself Geralt of Rivia, sorceress Triss Merigold, well-connected bard Dandelion, and dwarven leader Yarpen Zigrin. Players compete and collaborate across a world map, completing quest cards and advancing their characters through customizable skill paths.

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Players can cooperate or clash through combat, diplomacy, and magic. CD Projekt Red aims to cater to Witcher fans new to tabletop games and dice-rolling experts alike, the latter of whom may recognize designer Ignacy Trzewiczek from his previous projects Stronghold and 51st State.

The game is not yet available for pre-order, though interested parties can sign up for further updates on its web page.

CD Projekt Red plans to release The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2014. Series fans hungry for more of the fantasy universe can also look forward to a Dark Horse comic book series starting in March.