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Xbox One prankster trolls CoD players with his 'Sign Out' Gamertag

If you're a listener of the CVG off the Record podcast, you'll be aware of my dream to troll Xbox One owners.

The dream is to one day make a film that ends up on Netflix. The film would be your standard drama or comedy fare, with one interesting scene: at one point the lead actor will turn to face the screen and say "Xbox, turn off. Yes."

Naturally, the trick would be for the Xbox One's Kinect to pick up the command, bring up the "are you sure you want to turn off" dialogue box then, after getting the confirmation, power off your console mid-film. Cue much wailing, gnashing of teeth, riots in the streets and the like.

Why tell you this? Because this brilliant video from YouTuber Master Of Luck is of a similar ilk.

After creating a Gamertag called Xbox Sign Out, he decides to troll around the Xbox One version of Call Of Duty: Ghosts, annoying his multiplayer victims until they call him by his name. As you'd imagine, hijinks ensue.

In a way it's a cruel trick. But considering some of the players in the video are clearly far too young to be playing the game (it seems the ten-year-old CoD player syndrome has migrated to Xbox One too), I approve.

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