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Valve to release virtual reality SDK next week

Tools will standardise the way VR controllers interface with computers

Valve is to release its own virtual reality software development kit next week.

Designer Brian Coomer told the BBC that the SDK will offer developers a standard method to provide an interface for VR controllers, meaning players don't have to reconfigure their set-up every time they swap games.


The SDK will be released during Valve's Steam Dev Days conference next week, where Valve also plans to show off its own virtual reality hardware prototype.

Steam Dev Days will take place from January 15-16 in Seattle. The event will feature roundtable discussions and lectures on a variety of topics including in-game economies, Linux game development, user generated content, the Steam Controller and virtual reality.

Valve tech guru Michael Abrash will host a session called 'What VR Could, Should, and Almost Certainly Will Be within Two Years'.

Abrash revealed in April 2012 that Valve was working on wearable computing "where both computer-generated graphics and the real world are seamlessly overlaid in your view; there is no separate display that you hold in your hands (think Terminator vision)".

Valve programmer Joe Ludwig will also give a Steam Dev Days talk called 'Virtual Reality and Steam'.