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Off The Record Podcast Ep. 5: Alien: Isolation, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, PS Now, Steam Machines

There are many great things in life that come in threes: Hanson brothers, Bronte sisters, little pigs, you get the idea.

Now, CVG Off The Record can join this illustrious list, as this week's podcast sees three people, rather than the usual four, sit down for a natter about recent gaming events.

Rob Crossley's played Alien: Isolation, and he's more than happy to let us know what he thought of it. Or, at least, he attempts to, but is continually interrupted with Predator and Rocky IV references (just listen to it, it makes sense).

Tamoor Hussain, meanwhile, recently went hands-on with the Definitive Edition of Tomb Raider. Listen in awe as he discusses Lara Croft's new face and slags off Heavenly Sword's hair physics in the process.

Chris Scullion also has a thing or two to say about PlayStation Now. Does he think it's a good idea? Well, you're going to need to listen to find out aren't you?

Finally, the group tackle the new Steam Machines head-on. No spoilers, but there was some swearing.

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