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Bad grammar abounds in Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies

Twitter user posts image after image of game's unsound localization

When you're playing a game like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destines, you expect a few instances of flubbed syntax and typos here and there. There are just too many lines of dialog in a Japanese game of courtroom drama to make sure the translation is flawless.

But this litany of errors discovered and tweeted by English language teacher Alex Fraioli is objectionable.

And that's only a brief sampling. Fraioli just keeps finding more and more terrible grammar and syntax the further he gets.

Again, some errors are to be expected. But the sheer volume of mistakes here has crossed the line from goofy to distressing; this is the level of care fans can expect Capcom to give one of its longest-running series? Taken together with Capcom's decision to release the game exclusively on eShop outside of Japan, international Ace Attorney fans have cause for concern.

At least the game's digital-only English existence means it will be easy to fix, should Capcom bother to do so. Taking the time to address these quality control issues in an update instead of just selling more paid DLC could go a long way toward patching things up with fans.

Though I would miss all those keen courtroom figures shouting barely intelligible English at each other.