Beyond: Two Souls sales passed 1 million in 2013

Quantic Dream pleased with its latest project

Quantic Dream has announced that its latest game, Beyond: Two Souls, passed one million sales globally in 2013.

The game reached the milestone in just under three months, having debuted in US on October 8 and hitting Europe three days later. An official tribute page has been published to commemorate the achievement and thank the players.


Worldwide sales for the studio's previous game, Heavy Rain, had cleared three million units according to an announcement in August 2013. It was released on PS3 in February 2010.

In our Beyond: Two Souls review, we said the game has "impressive facial animation" and features a "solid performance by Ellen Page", but that it's let down by "clumsy, unnatural dialogue" and a lack of a "sense that you're having any impact on the story".

Those who have yet to play the game can download the Beyond: Two Souls demo available on PlayStation Network.