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The Chintendo Vii and other outrageous fake consoles

By Chris Scullion on Monday 13th Jan 2014 at 4:36 PM UTC

Now that China has lifted its ban on consoles, the nation's empire of cheap system rip-offs is about to crumble.

Soon the ultra-deluxe Mini PolyStation 3 will be replaced by that sterile PS3, while those plug-and-play bootleg NES or Java games will be muscled out in favour of something terrible like - oh I don't know - The Last of Us.

China's games market is a bout to grow up, and it's time to say goodbye to its legacy of comical plagiarisms. Have a gander at this collection of the worst/best knock-offs in the slideshow below, featuring hot properties such as the Treamcast and the Super Megason IV.