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No single player makes marketing Titanfall difficult, producer says

"The usual 'movie like' trailer' is just about right out"

Titanfall's lack of scripted single-player moments has made it a challenge to market, a producer on the game has said.

"It's actually been really tough trying to accurately market Titanfall," Drew McCoy wrote in a NeoGAF thread about the game. "If you look at what we've done, it's a lot different than what most FPS games do. Without a bunch of highly scripted [single-player] moments to recam from different angles, the usual 'movie like' trailer' is just about right out.


"Instead, we've decided to show unedited gameplay segments that last 3-5 minutes (so far - more footage coming, of course!) to show the 'flow' of the game. Starting as a Pilot, taking on AI and other player Pilots, wall running around a Titan, earning your Titan, climbing in, battling other Titans while stomping on humans, ejecting, etc. There's a huge amount of gameplay mechanics available at any one time, and encompassing them in a few minutes is actually quite hard to do."

Respawn brought the game to events like Gamescom and PAX even in pre-alpha stages, McCoy said, to convey the game's strengths in lieu of cinematic trailers.

McCoy commented on the same thread earlier on January 8, defending Titanfall's 6-vs-6 match structure to gamers who called for more expansive player counts.

Publisher EA has confirmed a Titanfall release date of March 11, 2014 in North America and March 13 in Europe. The title will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.