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The Last of Us 'Left Behind' DLC trailer released

First single-player expansion due out in spring

Naughty Dog has released the second trailer for its new The Last of Us single-player DLC, titled 'Left Behind'.

It shows The Last of Us protagonist Ellie being reunited with her best friend Riley, who had been missing for over a month.

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Left Behind is the first single-player expansion for The Last of Us, and serves as a prequel to the main campaign following Ellie before her encounter with Joel. The first trailer was released in November last year.

Actress Ashley Johnson, who provides the voice of Ellie, has said the DLC will provide a different experience from the existing campaign.

"It's definitely different. It's a little bit more 'fun', because you have two teenage girls going through a mall," she said via the PS Blog.

"It's kind of like a post-pandemic version of two teenage girls hanging out. Definitely not a normal hangout! It's very different - a little more playful.

"There's a bit of everything in there. You're really getting a new sense of the environment. You'll engage in combat that seems familiar from the original campaign, but there are some new touches and nuances, too."

The DLC will delve deeper into Ellie's character, added Johnson. "She's in the quarantine zone prior to the events of The Last of Us - it's her and her best friend Riley - what they do and how they live their lives in this world.

"You'll definitely see a more playful side to Ellie and get to know her a bit better. You're going to see a lot of different sides to the character that you definitely didn't see in The Last of Us," she said.

Expect 'Left Behind' to be released in Spring.