Six PSone imports headed to US PlayStation Store

MonkeyPaw Games confirms six-week lineup of previously unreleased classics

The US PlayStation Store will receive six 'import' PSone Classic titles over the next six weeks.

Coming via MonekyPaw Games, the six PlayStation games are titles not previously released in the United States.


MonkeyPaw's so-called 'Retro Rush' will see the release of one game per week for six weeks, starting with Double Dragon, a little-know beat-'em-up spin off of the traditionally side-scroller series, and concluding with the much-loved cult classic, Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.

Here's the complete list of titles and their scheduled release dates:

  • January 14th - Double Dragon
  • January 21st - Lucifer Ring
  • January 28th - The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny
  • February 4th - Hyper Crazy Climber
  • February 11th - Wolf Fang
  • February 18th - Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

Tomorrow's US PlayStation Store update will also add BioShock Infinite to the US Instant Game Collection, and introduce a new '14 for '14' sale that'll offer discounts on more than 20 titles across PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.