Rayman Legends coming a week early to PS4/Xbox One with new characters

Ubisoft pulls new console release date forward a week

Rayman Legends will be released on PS4 and Xbox One a week earlier than previously scheduled.

Originally set to arrive on February 28 (as confirmed by November's 'Snoop Lion' trailer), Ubisoft has re-announced a new release date of February 18 for both formats.


The publisher has also detailed new playable characters that will be included with each version.

On Xbox One, players will find two characters, Ray Vass and Far Glob, both inspired by Far Cry 3 villain, Vaas. A third exclusive character, Splinter Ray, is a spoof of Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher.

The PS4 version will get Assassin Ray, inspired by Assassin's Creed IV's Edward Kenway, and with Uplay points players will unlock Funky Ray. An 'exclusive VIP hero' called Champion Ray will also be unlockable by "the most active and highest-ranked players in the Online Challenges".

More info is on the official site.