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Outlast for PS4 free to PS Plus members in February

Indie survival horror title to release for console next month

Indie survival horror title Outlast will release for PlayStation 4 in February, with PS Plus subscribers promised free access to the game.

The news was confirmed on the official Outlast Facebook page. The game has been available on PC since September last year.


Developed by Red Barrels games, Outlast tasks players with escaping an abandoned asylum without the use of weaponry. The player character can use parkour to reach areas the game's enemies cannot.

The game received positive reviews upon its PC launch last year, with Edge calling the game's combination of stealth, platforming and horror "exceptional".

Outlast isn't the only indie title to launch free for PS Plus members. Don't Starve was released last week, while Contrast and Resogun were made available to subscribers with the launch of the PS4.