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Super 3D Noah's Ark is getting a reprint

Developer selling new copies of the cult SNES Christian game

If you know your obscure unlicensed religious retro games like we do then you'll already be clued up about Super 3D Noah's Ark.

Originally released in 1994 by speciality Christian games developer Wisdom Tree, Super 3D Noah's Ark was the only commercially released SNES title that wasn't authorised by Nintendo.


Amazingly, despite being a fairly family-friendly title, this religious game is actually a clone of gritty Nazi-slaughtering FPS Wolfenstein 3D.

Wisdom Tree purchased the license to the Wolfenstein engine from id Software, but whereas Wolfenstein tasks players with gunning down Hitler's army, Super 3D Noah's Ark instead has them firing sleep-inducing food at goats, to knock them out so Noah can get them on the ark.

Even though it's been out of print for well over a decade, the advent of the internet led to it being discovered by a whole new audience, partly thanks to retro gaming sites and YouTube stars like Angry Video Game Nerd posting articles and videos about how amazing it is that a Christian FPS even exists.

Now, believe it or not, it's being resurrected. Examiner reports that it has been forwarded an email informing Wisdom Tree newsletter subscribers that Super 3D Noah's Ark will be reprinted.

Each reprint, costing $65, has to be ordered in private through email and offers the complete SNES game with cartridge, manual and packaging.

The email also promises: "Coming soon... remake of games for SNES, Bible Buffet Quiz Book and more."

Good Lord.