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Broken Age Act 1 'public' release date set

Kickstarter backers can play today; Public access starts Jan 28

Double Fine has announced a Broken Age Act 1 release date of January 28.

The crowdfunded project, which had an initial Kickstarter funding goal of $400,000 but went on to raise over $3.6 million from more than 95,000 backers, will initially be available on PC, Mac and Linux, with Ouya, iOS and Android versions shipping at a later date.

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A $25 Season Pass will include access to Act 1 and Act 2, which has yet to be dated. Those who backed Broken Age will be able to sample the Act 1 beta from today.

A point-and-click adventure game, Broken Age follows the stories of a young boy and girl leading parallel lives. According to the official blurb, the girl decides to fight back after being chosen by her village to be sacrificed to a terrible monster, while the boy wants to break free from the solitary life he leads aboard a spaceship.

Double Fine CEO Tim Schafer said this week: "Adventure games used to have a monopoly on things like story and character, as well as the best art and music in games. Now that other genres have caught up, it seems like that old monopoly is gone.

"But in coming back to adventure games I've realized that there is still something completely unique about them. It's not about their feature set. It's more about how you feel when you play them. The way your brain works as you explore and wrestle with an adventure game is different than any other experience, and it's fun to wander those paths again.

"And frustrating, sometimes, too. You get stuck, like stuck-stuck, and they're designed to be that way. Sure, if you keep talking to characters, and examining objects, you'll probably find the hint you need to get through.

"But sometimes, when it feels like you've exhausted every dialogue tree and used every object on every other object, you have to turn away from it, walk the dog, take a break, a shower, a nap. And then, when you return, you somehow solve the puzzle in five minutes. Like magic. Don't ask me how. I already told you: It's magic."