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New Killzone Shadow Fall update released

Guerrilla Games says latest patch fixes several common crashes

Killzone Shadow Fall update 1.08 has been released.

In a post on its Facebook page, Guerrilla Games said the latest patch fixes several common crashes, "including the voice pack crash for Play-Go versions of the game and the spectator rollover crash".


Prior to the PS4 exclusive's release last November, Guerrilla announced that all post-launch DLC multiplayer maps will be released free of charge.

The studio said it had chosen this approach "to prevent the player base from becoming fractured".

There will, however, be paid DLC released for the game in the form of "expansion packs that offer new gameplay and customisation features". DLC launch timing has yet to be announced.

In CVG's Killzone Shadow Fall review, critic Steve Boxer says the game "doesn't seek to reinvent the FPS, but it does inject a much-needed infusion of creativity and originality into the genre".

Last September Eric Boltjes, a lead designer at Guerrilla, said the Sony-owned Dutch studio had begun working on a new IP, "something completely different to Killzone".