Guacamelee Bundle Fantástico packs game, DLC, music on PSN

All the Metroidvania brawler's content in one package

The Guacamelee Bundle Fantástico includes the Metroid-inspired lucha libre brawler, its DLC, soundtrack, and more in one package, DrinkBox studios announced today.

The PlayStation Store bundle was released in the U.S. on Wednesday and will hit Europe on January 22.


It includes the game for both PS3 and PS Vita, El Diablo's Domain DLC challenge pack, the Costume Pack featuring three new outfits for main character Juan and co-op buddy Tostada, the full soundtrack, three PS3 themes, and 10 PSN avatars.

The Guacamelee Bundle Fantástico costs $20/£13.99, though the standard version of the game is already part of PlayStation Plus' free Instant Game Collection in Europe.

A PC version of Guacamelee, which also includes the Costume Pack and Devil's Playground, released in August.

More deals for US residents are available as part of the PlayStation Store's 14 for '14 promotion.