No Man's Sky promises enormous discoverable universe

Don't underestimate the size of space, teases Hello Games' Sean Murray

No Man's Sky will feature a universe large enough to keep players discovering new locations long after its release, suggests Hello Games MD Sean Murray.

The indie game, revealed with a trailer at the VGX event last year, is a deeply ambitious space exploration game in which players will roam and explore a unified, procedurally generated universe.


When a player discovers a new location for the first time their discovery is logged in a persistent online 'star map' which is synched for all players.

So what happens if you join the game long after launch and everything has been discovered? That, according to Murray, won't be an issue. "The first thing is that you probably underestimate the size of the universe," Murray told Edge when quizzed on the matter.

"If all of the people on Earth right now had very powerful spaceships and were to visit every corner of every planet in the universe, we would not do very well in our lifetime of mapping that out," he said.

"The second thing is that the outer edges of the first galaxy will begin to be more explored, but as more and more players come into the game there are mechanisms we're bringing in that will keep everything in flux, and that ties in with things you can do that are of significance," hinted Murray, while leaving out specifics.

Hello Games unveiled new gameplay information at recent preview events with press, as covered in this report.