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Steam's active user base grows to 75 million over holiday 2013

Announcement made at Steam Dev Days conference

Steam has more than 75 million active users, Valve announced today, up 10 million since its last report in October 2013.


The announcement was made at Steam Dev Days on Wednesday, a self-described "a two-day game developer's conference where professionals can meet in a relaxed, off the record environment." All developers in attendance at the event received complimentary Steam Machines and controllers.

Valve said in October that Steam's then-65-million-strong active user base grew by 30 percent within the last year. That growth accelerated over the 2013 holiday season, as the new 75 million figure means Steam's active user account grew by 15 percent in just three months.

Valve detailed Steam's 2013 sales revenue in an infographic attached below. The firm also noted that, though North America and Western Europe together account for more than three quarters of the virtual storefront's 2013 sales, revenue from Russia and Brazil grew the most at 128 percent and 75 percent respectively.


Valve has said it wants to bring music, TV, and films to SteamOS before it fully releases the free operating system. It also plans to release a virtual reality software development kit during Steam Dev Days.for developers interested in working with devices like Oculus Rift.