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Valve wants music, TV and films on SteamOS before release

Firm pledges big plans for living room-focused OS at Steam Dev Days, claim reports

Valve plans to introduce movies, TV and music to its living room-focused SteamOS, the firm has said today.

Valve's Anna Sweet made the revelation at Valve's Steam Dev Days event in Seattle on Wednesday, according to several Twitter posts from attendees.


As it stands, the open-beta version of SteamOS - the operating system that will power Valve's TV-focused Steam Machine console/PC hybrids - simply allows users to play Steam games, falling drastically short of the multimedia capabilities of Sony and Microsoft's consoles.

But, according to Sweet, Valve aims to have movies, TV and music integrated into the system before its final public launch.

A beta version of Valve's Linux-based SteamOS was made available to download for free in December 2013.

Steam Machines represent Valve's first major drive in the hardware market, and a move it hopes will establish its Steam PC gaming platform in the living room.

The first retail units will ship at an unspecified date in 2014 with multiple configurations offered.

Valve also announced on Wednesday that Steam has grown to 75 million registered users, up 15 percent in the three months since its October announcement of 65 million users.