Unity 4.3 gets Vita support, available now

Sony's portable becomes latest platform supported by popular dev software

The Unity development platform has added Unity support via an update released today, January 15.

Unity 4.3 has added Sony's powerful handheld console to the fast growing roster of platforms it supports natively.


As of the update, developers with a license for PS Vita development via SCE will be able to deploy their software to Vita dev kits. The new tools allow devs to make use of the machine's numerous hardware features, including the rear touch panel, front and rear cameras, dual analogue sticks and internal motion sensors.

The API also includes PSN integration for Trophy support, friends lists and matchmaking.

Sony Computer Entertainment and Unity Technologies entered into a "strategic partnership" in March last year, with a view to creating PlayStation-optimised Unity development tools.

SCE confirmed it will offer Unity for PlayStation, which will be optimised for use across Sony platforms including PS3, PS4, PS Vita and PS Mobile.

While games built using Unity have appeared on Sony consoles - including the Vita title Escape Plan - the new toolset promises promised allow developers to bring their Unity titles over to Sony platforms with greater ease, possibly leading to more studios using Unity - a predominantly PC-focused toolset - for adapting their games to Sony devices.

"We are proud to have reached this platform milestone and we are very eager to see what exciting games you will create for PS Vita," Unity said of today's release.