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Shenmue's Ryo added to Sonic Racing Transformed on PC

Ryo Hazuki is now available to download for the PC version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

The Shenmue star can be purchased from the Steam store for 99p / €1.59 / $1.59 and comes with a new transforming vehicle.

Ryo was a standard character in the game's predecessor, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, where he raced on a motorbike.

However, as Transformed features land, sea and air races, Ryo's new vehicle takes the form of three classic Sega arcade machines.

On the road he races on an Outrun machine, on sea it transforms into a hovercraft version of a Hang-On machine, and in the air it turns into a Space Harrier machine.

This isn't the first Transformed outing for Ryo: he was also included as part of the roster in the iOS version released last week.

However, he has yet to be confirmed for console versions.

Other characters exclusive to the PC version include a Shogun from Shogun: Total War, General Winter from Company Of Heroes 2, a Football Manager, a trio of Team Fortress characters, Willemus from Total War: Rome II and a member of Yogscast.

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