Total War Rome II Assembly Kit goes live

Free download contains a series of tools for modders

Sega and The Creative Assembly have released a beta version of a suite of tools designed for Total War: Rome II modders.

The Total War: Rome II Assembly Kit provides players with a wide range of mod tools that can be used to change numerous aspects of the game and then share the results with the community.


Among the offerings are tools to help modders edit the game's database and variants, and process data including textures, models, animations and campaign game start positions.

A suite of exporters is also provided, enabling modders to load unit models and animations into third party software and edit them there.

The Assembly Kit comes packaged with example data to help users get started with the tools. These include naval vessels, soldiers, animation sets and the complete Rome II database backend.

When a mod has been created, users can then upload it directly to the game's Steam Workshop using the Total War: Rome II launcher. According to Sega, over 1,000 user-created mods can already be found there.

The Assembly Kit is currently in beta form, and over time Creative Assembly intends to expand it with further tools.

Anyone keen to download the kit can find out how to do so on the official Total War: Rome II wiki, where instructions on how to use the tools can also be found.