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Video: Activate Broken Age's secret retro mode

If you're a sucker for the blocky pixels of retro games, you might like a neat little easter egg tucked away in Double Fine's new point-and-click adventure, Broken Age.

Widely dubbed the 'Retro Mode', it transforms the game's crisp modern visuals into a blocky mess (as demonstrated by the screenshots below), purely for the sake of prodding at your nostalgia gland.

The secret option appears in the game's key bindings menu after turning the video resolution down to the minimum setting (640x480).

After binding a key of your choice to the picture of Shay and Vella in the bindings screen, hit the chosen key during gameplay to activate retro mode.

Here's a video showing how to do it and what the effect looks like, produced by the YouTube user 'Epic Whimsy'.

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Broken Age Act 1 was recently made available to its Kickstarter backers, and will release to the general public on January 28 on PC, Mac and Linux, with Ouya, iOS and Android versions shipping at a later date.

A $25 Season Pass will include access to Act 1 and Act 2, the latter of which has yet to be dated.