New Rambo trailer shows stealth, action and more

The varied ways in which you'll play Rambo

Rambo isn't all just run-and-gun, according to this new gameplay trailer.

It offers over four minutes of small, bite-sized clips, each one demonstrating a different type of gameplay.

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Publisher Reef Entertainment confirmed it was working on a Rambo game way back in 2011 when it secured the video game rights from StudioCanal.

In development at Poland-based studio Teyon, the game will see players gun their way through hordes of bad guys with levels that encompass elements from the original three Rambo movies.

The PS3, Xbox 360 and PC game was previously pinned for release in 'winter 2013', but quietly missed its launch window with no word on a new official release date. An 'early 2014' outing is now expected.