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Dead Rising 3 update weighs in at 13GB

New DLC for open-world zombie game expected this week

A hefty 13GB Dead Rising 3 update has reportedly been released for the Xbox One exclusive.

Update: Users have reported the update does not add 13GB to the total size of Dead Rising 3. Instead it overwrites previous data, leaving the total game size of Dead Rising 3 at around 25GB.

"For those worrying about HDD space, apparently 12GB of it re-writes original data so your only adding another 1.5GB of space. Hopefully it includes most of or all of the upcoming DLC, so its just a case of unlocking it," posted a user.

Original story continues: The update was first revealed in a Tweet from Xbox studio manager Mike Ybarra, who said: "Wow, a 13GB DR3 update? Holy... good thing I have 110mbps".


Publisher Microsoft is yet to officially announce and detail the contents of the update, but we've approached the company to find out what's included.

Operation Broken Eagle, the first of four Dead Rising 3 DLC packs, is expected to be released on January 21. It is speculated that the sizeable update is in preparation for the launch of the new content.

Those who want to play the game without downloading the update can do so by disconnecting the console from the internet. Obviously, Xbox Live becomes inaccessible when doing so.

Operation Broken Eagle will put players in control of Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane, who is on a mission to capture the missing president of the United States. The DLC is the first in a four-part series of game add-ons collectively titled Untold Stories of Los Perdidos.

Operation Broken Eagle will cost $9.99 standalone, with European pricing yet to be confirmed. Follow-up DLC packs titled Fallen Angel, Chaos Rising, and The Last Agent are also scheduled to launch in 2014.