Resogun DLC is in development

Housemarque making new content for the shooter in addition to a fresh PS4 game

Resogun studio Housemarque is developing DLC for its PS4 exclusive arcade shooter.

The studio confirmed plans to release Resogun DLC in a post on its Facebook page, which was made in response to a question from a fan regarding a potential Vita version of the game.


"At the moment we are working on Resogun DLC and another PS4 project," Housemarque said.

It did not provide any further details on what the DLC will entail, or a timeframe for when it plans to provide more information.

In our Resogun review, we said the game was "one of the most exciting, lavishly produced twin-stick shooters" in history.

We added: "It has never felt quite this sublime to blow up enemies with spaceship fire. Next-gen lighting and particle effects ensure that discharging your fully charged Overdrive blast makes you feel like the smiting hand of Thor himself. Even your normal guns ramp up in excitement briskly as you amass upgrades."

In May 2013, Housemarque confirmed it was working on a second PS4 game alongside Resogun. Previous teases have suggested the mystery game may be a Dead Nation sequel.