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Dead Rising 3 DLC will not support co-op mode

Focus is on the single player experience, says producer

The first of four DLC episodes for Dead Rising 3, Operation Broken Eagle, will not feature co-op content.

Dead Rising 3 producer Josh Bridge has confirmed that all DLC episodes for the zombie survival horror will focus on the single player experience in order to tell each character's story.


During an interview with Xbox Wire, Bridge stated that co-op will not be an aspect of the Dead Rising 3 DLC because the studio wants "to really drill down on a single-player experience and really tell that character's story."

Appealing to co-op fans, Bridge confirmed that while the DLC episodes can only be played in single player mode, all weapons and vehicles that a player gets in DLC can be used in the main game for co-op.

A 13GB Dead Rising 3 update was recently released to fan consternation.

It was later clarified that the update doesn't add 13GB to the game's total size, but instead overwrites previous data leaving the size at 25GB.

The remaining three DLC packs are scheduled to launch in 2014.