New Evolve classes and gameplay details surface

First monster type also announced

Further details regarding different classes and gameplay for Evolve have emerged.

The first monster, known as Goliath, has been confirmed to feature in the next-gen Turtle Rock multiplayer shooter.


There will be a range of monsters to eradicate, but players will only pursue one monster at a time - which will be controlled by a player.

The first monster type announced is known as the Goliath. The Goliath boasts a mix of strength and speed, and will have the ability to pick up boulders and jump several feet in the air.

A Game Informer report also provides further insight into the four different human classes in Evolve, all of which have been outlined as follows:

  • Assault Class (Markov)
    • Otherwise known as the grunt class. Weapons include a close range lightning gun and an assault rifle. Markov will have plenty of health, a shield and arc mines to battle monsters.
  • Trapper Class (Griffin)
    • Skilled in capturing monsters, the trapper class uses harpoons and large cages to contain monsters. Sound spikes are also used to track the footsteps of monsters.
  • Medic Class (Val)
    • The team's doctor, Val can heal other members with an energy beam, but will also have a tranquiliser gun to slow monsters down. An anti-material rifle is also part of Val's arsenal, which highlights weak spots.
  • Support Class (Hank)
    • Hank protects other players with his shield gun, and cloaking device which hides himself and nearby players. Hank also has the ability to call in air strikes.

Evolve was first revealed in 2011 and was originally set to be published by THQ. 2K Games re-launched the game earlier this month and will now be handling the title, with pre-order bonuses announced last week.