Lionhead confirms work on non-Fable title

Studio boss says it is still "primarily" a Fable studio

Guilford-based game developer Lionhead has confirmed it is developing a game outside of the Fable series.


Speaking to Eurogamer, Lionhead studio boss John Needham said although it is "primarily" a Fable studio, it is "working on other games, too".

"We're working on other different sorts of games as well that we're not talking about right now and won't be Fable-esque," he said.

Microsoft appointed Needham as boss of Lionhead Studios in April 2013, following the high-profile shake-up that was triggered by the departure of studio founder Peter Molyneux in March 2012.

Lionhead has since announced >Fable Anniversary, a HD update featuring new Achievements, leaderboards and full 1080p visuals with lighting and animation powered by Unreal Engine 3. It will release on Xbox 360 in February.

At Gamescom in August, the studio revealed Fable Legends, a online co-op game Fable Legends. Although once again set in Albion, the game distinguishes itself from previous entries by allowing "up to three other Heroes as you embark on quests, slay monsters and discover new weapons, armor and treasure to upgrade your character with".

Lionhead has indicated that it is transitioning to "entertainment as service" provider and, as such, plans to evolve Fable Legends over time with episodic DLC. Game director David Eckelberry has said fans should consider the game's initial launch as season one.