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Deep Down gameplay trailer glimpses epic battles

Highly-detailed visuals on display in Capcom's PS4 RPG

Capcom and Sony have released a new trailer for Deep Down.

Much of Capcom's Deep Down promotion has placed focus on the game's supremely high-detail visuals and lighting effects, which are again shown off in this latest footage.

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This comes shortly after a Deep Down prologue trailer which was released earlier this month.

The PS4 exclusive is being developed by Capcom Online Games in collaboration with SCE Japan Studio. The online RPG will be free to play and support four player co-op.

Deep Down has only officially been confirmed for release in Japan, but a Western release is yet to be made official. Capcom filed a Deep Down patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 23, 2013, which was published in December, hinting at an impending Western announcement.