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Microsoft made 'over 75' Xbox One prototypes

"We were extremely thorough," says Xbox designer Carl Ledbetter

Microsoft's hardware design team had created 'over 75' iterations of the Xbox One before choosing the final design.

According to Xbox industrial designer Carl Ledbetter, the firm used sketches and 3D printer technology to 'print' full size prototype models of prospective Xbox One designs, creating dozens of versions of the console, as well as around 100 versions of Kinect and over 200 iterative versions of the new controller.


"We were extremely thorough," said Ledbetter. "We were trying to push boundaries, to do something new and inventive, but there was so much at stake that we had to be really careful as well."

He added, "The reason why there was so much at stake is that people really, really care about Xbox."

Ledbetter went on to describe the core design goals for Xbox One's boxy, all-black exterior.

"We wanted to take every component of what people love about Xbox and amplify it, but also make it disappear into the living room - to stay in the background, robust and reliable," he said.

Xbox One launched on November 2013 with a new, more advanced Kinect sensor and a controller with a claimed 40 improvements.

Xbox One was the top-selling console in US in December, but remains behind the PS4 in cumulative sales for 2013 both globally and in US.