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Don't Starve dev 'investigating' Vita version

Indie survival game passed 1 million sales before PS4 debut

Don't Starve developer Klei Entertainment and has revealed that a PS Vita version is under consideration as it celebrates major sales milestones.

Klei's community Corey Rollins told Edge that sales for the game passed 1 million copies "before the end of 2013" - crucially, that is before the game was released on PS4 and made available free to all PS Plus subscribers.


With such strong momentum, Rollins went on to reveal that the firm is looking into expanding Don't Starve's reach to more platforms.

"We're investigating a proper Vita version [of Don't Starve] at the moment, but we're not quite sure yet," said Rollins.

"Currently, a lot of people play Don't Starve: Console Edition using the PS4′s remote play, and really enjoy it. So we're looking into a proper Vita release," he said, before revealing that mobile versions were also "on the radar".

"As for iOS and mobile, that is something we've also been investigating and we think might work, but it's not at the front of our development priorities right now. It's still on our radar, though."

Don't Starve is a survival adventure game originally released for Windows, Linux and Mac in April last year, before reaching PS4 earlier this month.

A new DLC expansion titled 'Reign of Giants' is in the pipeline for Don't Starve, as the developer confirmed with a teaser trailer last week.