Bravely Default story trailer sets up the heroic quest

Square sets the stage for its next RPG adventure on 3DS

Nintendo and Square Enix have released a new Bravely Default story trailer ahead of the game's US release.

Bravely Default arrives in US stores on February 7, two months after its December 6, 2013 release in Europe.

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Nintendo released a Bravely Default demo via the US 3DS eShop on January 2.

Developed by Silicon Studio, the team behind 3D Dot Game Heroes, Bravely Default is a JRPG that utilises the familiar turn-based battle system seen in Square Enix's Final Fantasy titles while making use of the augmented reality features built into 3DS.

The 3DS game will be available at retail and on the eShop at launch. A collector's edition will include the game, an art book, 34 AR cards and the soundtrack.

Square Enix recently officially revealed the sequel, Bravely Second.