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DriveClub 'brand' video demonstrates visual effects

A new DriveClub video explains some of the techniques used to improve the game's graphics.

The video, posted by DualShockers, was sent to the entrants of a DriveClub film contest. It contains brand guidelines for the filmmakers to ensure the videos they create fit in with the DriveClub tone.

More interestingly, the video also demonstrates a number of graphical techniques employed to make the game look more realistic. Effects such as depth of field, pulled focus, desaturation, imperfect framing, deliberate imperfections, film grain and Go-Pro style camerawork are explained.

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DriveClub was originally planned to be a first-party PlayStation 4 launch game in the west. However, in October the project, underway at UK based MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios, was officially delayed until "early 2014".

It is expected that the new DriveClub release date will be revealed shortly.

"We're really excited about how Driveclub is progressing and thank you for your patience," a Sony representative recently stated.