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Deus Ex: The Fall released for Android

Square Enix mobile sequel no longer iOS-exclusive

Square Enix has made mobile title Deus Ex: The Fall available for download on Android devices.

A sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, The Fall is set in the same year and follows augmented mercenary Ben Saxon, a former SAS mercenary, as he tries to find "the truth behind a global conspiracy threatening his life".


The Android version is 862MB in size and requires Android version 3.2 or higher. It is priced at £4.99/€5.99/$6.99 and can be purchased now from the Google Play store. It has yet to be confirmed whether the Android version supports external controllers.

The iOS version was released in July 2013 and was initially met with mixed reviews.

In CVG's Deus Ex: The Fall review, we said: "While it has everything the main game has - augmentations, weapon customisation, freedom to use stealth or direct combat, branching dialogue, computers to hack, moral choices - it's all hindered by the touchscreen controls.

"Movement is sluggish, and the twitchy camera and unreliable lock-on make combat feel laboured and unresponsive. Stealth in Deus Ex requires a level of finesse that these ungainly controls simply don't provide."

An update released a month later sought to address some of the game's other issues. The AI was enhanced, with enemies more effective at tracking the player during active combat.