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Impressive fan-designed Last Of Us shirts are perfect survival gear

It should come as no surprise that a game as visually stunning as The Last Of Us should inspire fans to create impressive artwork.

That's why, as you look at these five t-shirt designs, you shouldn't be blown away, thrusting your fist into your pocket to pull out your credit card with all the fervour of a dog at a car wash. Instead, you should nod sagely, puff on your bubble pipe and say: "Of course they're amazing. They had to be."

The shirt designs you see in the slideshow below are the winners of an official design contest held by Sony, Naughty Dog and shirt site We Love Fine.

Entries were chosen by a guest panel consisting of Troy Baker (who voiced Joel in the game), Ashley Johnson (Ellie), Neil Druckmann (the creative director) and Bruce Straley (game director). Five shirts were chosen - one grand prize winner (voted by the public) and four 'judge picks' chosen by each of the judges.

The five winning entries are above. If any of them take your fancy you can buy them from We Love Fine.