Smash Bros 4 changes rules regarding edge-hanging

Major tweak made to crucial competitive gameplay element

The upcoming Smash Bros. 4 will change the series' traditional rules regarding edge-hanging.

In previous versions of the game, edge hanging was a strategy expert players could use to hinder their opponents.


After smashing their opponent into the air, players could drop off the stage and grab onto a ledge, preventing the opponent from grabbing on as they tried to drop back into the battle.

This would cause the opponent to fall off the screen, losing a life, at which point the player would pull themselves up off the ledge and back onto the stage.

According to a new Smash Bros. 4 screenshot posted on the Nintendo Miiverse, this has now changed.

"There are many changes being made to attack and defence options for grabbing edges," reads a comment from Masahiro Sakurai along with the image shown above. "In this picture, Link is actually trumping Mario's grab."

Sakurai also explains further how this reversal process works. "Air time and accumulated damage will determine your period of invincibility while hanging on an edge," he states.

In previous games, the speed at which a character recovers from the ledge was determined by their damage: if they had over 100% damage their ledge recovery was more sluggish than normal. Sakurai says this too has changed.

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