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Open-world RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance Kickstarter begins

Raises more than £100,000 in its first day

A Kickstarter for an open-world medieval RPG from the designer of Mafia has raised more than £100,000 in the first day of its campaign.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance promises to mix "the freedom and mechanics of Skyrim, the setting of Mount and Blade, the storytelling styles of The Witcher and Red Dead Redemption, and the tough combat dynamics of Dark Souls" on its Kickstarter page.

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Developer Warhorse Studios, which currently employs about 30, hopes to raise £300,000 by Feb. 21. This won't be enough to complete the game, Warhorse admitted, but it will be a show of interest strong enough to convince its private investor to contribute the rest of the funds. Said investor has already paid almost $1.5 million (about £900,000) to get the project to its current state.

The game will focus on medieval realism over common fantasy tropes like mythical beasts, magic, and non-human races. It will allow players to explore the world, fight on horseback or on foot, and wield weapons and tinctures crafted through minigames.

Backers must pledge a minimum of £15 (about $25) to get access the game's first act, estimated for release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in December 2015. Warhorse anticipates it will take nine months each to develop the second and third acts afterward, though it doesn't guarantee their release.