DC Universe Online members get 'War of the Light' DLC early

Content out January 22 for members, a week later for everyone else

DC Universe Online DLC expansion 'War of the Light Part 1' will be released a week early to Legendary members, Sony Online Entertainment has announced.

The new content will be released for members on January 22, a full week before the public release date of January 28. The announcement was accompanied by a new trailer showing off new content.

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The DLC's new plot depicts the war between the disparate Lantern Corps, who find their conflict centered in downtown Metropolis and their sentient home planets Mogo and Ranx.

A new tanking power called Rage will be introduced for both hero and villain characters, which they can use across new 4-player and 8-player operations starring Hal Jordan, Sinestro, and other assorted characters from the Lantern mythos.

Atrocitus and Saint Walker will also be added to the pool of Legends PvP characters, and players can earn a new assortment of gear and collections across modes.

All three planned War of the Light chapters will be included free for DC Universe Online Legendary members, or available as a separate purchase for free and premium players.