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Pokemon Bank online in Japan, other Asian territories

Nintendo says it's preparing for launch in Europe and elsewhere

Pokemon Bank has resumed operation in Japan and other Asian territories and is being prepared for release elsewhere, Nintendo announced Wednesday.

Nintendo of Europe tweeted a series of messages explaining the current status of the Pokemon storage app, which was pulled offline thanks to holiday Nintendo Network outages.


Pokemon Bank and its companion app, Pokemon Transporter, were originally scheduled to launch in the U.S. and European eShop on December 27 but were delayed in response to the server troubles.

Nintendo apologized for the delay and said it will "be closely monitoring players' experiences as we prepare for the European release," a message echoed by Nintendo of America's Twitter updates.

Players of Pokemon X & Y can use Pokemon bank to store and sort up to 3,000 Pokemon for an annual fee of $5. Longtime fans can even import their Pokemon en masse from Pokemon Black & White versions 1 and 2 using Pokemon transporter. Nintendo released a Pokemon Bank trailer in December further explaining its uses.

In our Pokemon X & Y review, we called the games a "giant leap for a series that usually takes baby steps."