League Of Legends 'should last decades'

Riot Games exec equates title's shelf life with baseball

League Of Legends' lifespan should last "decades", according to a Riot Games executive.

The statement was made by Riot's vice president for eSports, Dustin Beck, as he spoke at a panel at the Digital-Life-Design Conference in Munich (the entirety of which can be viewed at the end of this article).


OnGamers reports that, when asked about when he expects to see the MOBA reach its natural expiration date, Beck replied that he didn't think it would be for a long time.

"It's a sport like just like anything else," he said. "Baseball has been around 110 years. I'm not saying League of Legends will be around that long, but we see the shelf life of League Of Legends as hopefully decades."

Elsewhere during the conference, Beck discussed Riot's decision to build a new studio in Cologne for production of this year's European League Championship Series.

"eSports hasn't really existed on this pro level before, and we wanted to treat our fans, League of Legends players, the same as any fan would come to expect of a European Premier League match or NFL game," he explained.

"Really, to control that broadcast quality we were like, 'Do we hire someone from BBC Sport or FOX Sports to go build this out [even though] if they have no game knowledge it's really hard for them to do?'"

Last month, it was revealed that Riot Games prohibits its professional League Of Legends players from streaming rival games, claiming it is trying to "ensure a true professional setting" to legitimise eSports.

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