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SteamOS updates add dual-boot & partitioning options

Run Windows alongside your SteamOS installation

New developments made to the SteamOS beta have introduced dual-boot and custom partition capabilities.

This essentially allows SteamOS users to create a custom partition on their hard drive and install a second operating system - such as Windows - alongside SteamOS. Previously SteamOS users were unable to install any other OSs.


Dual-boot and custom partitioning can be accessed via the "Expert Install" option, explains Valve.

It also warns users, "There has been very little testing on this, especially any kind of dual-boot setup. So don't install it on any machine you are not prepared to lose."

Other recent SteamOS updates improved AMD graphics card support.

Valve recently confirmed significant changes to its design plans for the Steam Controller, including abandoning plans for a central touch screen, and the introduction of more conventional face buttons.