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John Cleese and Jennifer Hale join Elder Scrolls Online cast

""I took an arrow to the knee. 'Tis but a scratch"" - Squall5005

Nice one. Double reference (all the way across the sky).

Paid YouTube game endorsements are widespread, says Boogie2988

"Chocolate Oranges are available from Rawlinsons." - Reegeee

They only have superficial damage.

Impressive fan-designed Last Of Us shirts are perfect survival gear

"They're all pretty impressive! Shame that no one will buy them though; what kind of dirty shut in would wear a game related T-Shirt?!

*Looks down at generic Debenhams Space Invaders T-Shirt*

Oh...." - Simon_H4

Don't worry sir, we respect you.

The Banner Saga developer responds to King trademark claim

"Just dont make them angry,you wouldnt like them when there angry" - Mar27w

Took us a while to get this one. Very clever.

The Banner Saga sequel held back by King's trademark dispute

"What about my game based on a funny man's film career?

The John Candy Saga" - ChrisKellyFilms

Cool Runnings DLC confirmed for Banner Saga.

Candy Crush studio successfully trademarks 'Candy'

"I do believe this calls for some candy related jokes

Q: Why was the gummy bear hiding under a wrap?

A: There was a bounty on his head!" - dookiephonic

That's just atrocious.

Assassin's Creed 2 lead accuses Shadow of Mordor of imitation

"I know what you did with my code last summer!" - silent moose

I hope you're not suggesting this is going to turn into a slasher film.


Xbox One competitive digital prices 'on the agenda'

"You mean there was a.... price Ryse?

YEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" - dantotheface


The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Debut trailer released

"Will this be the Spidey game fans have been Kraven...thank you,im here all night" - Mar27w

Go home then.


Wii U development negativity is 'needless', claims indie dev

"It's as doomed as a person with no food or water............slow starvation. The WiiU sales will dry up until nonexistant without a drastic price drop. Won't break Nintendo as a company and they are probably working on the next console as we speak but to analytically look at the WiiU business plan and forecasts as not DIRE.......is to ignore simple business metrics.

As a product it just doesn't compete very well.......like How many people would regularly go to a movie theatre called "Nintendo" with crappier seats, lower quality sound and screen that's out of date without Imax or 3d? What if that theatre 2-3 times a year showed movies that you couldn't see anywhere else and they were GREAT movies???
People would only go for those specific 2-3 times a year. Now what if it cost 250-300 dollars to go to it those 2-3 times? Most people wouldn't pay that much for the experience...............this is the problem Nintendo has. People know only 2-3 games a year will be really worth your investment.

If the WiiU cost 150 bucks it would be selling well...........It's value and future prospects for it's cost after over a year release is pretty bad." - Darkbane

Sorry, you lost me at "doomed".

Tomb Raider: Xbox One frame-rate half of PS4 version

"Microsoft s**tbox can't even output 1080p properly let alone 60 Hz gaming . Forza empty last gen environemnts in a loop is them only game that does it and looks bland .
It's simply inferior system in every way.
Posting crap like 1080 /720 doesn't matter to me is iditioic and apologetic.
It all comes down to this:
You are paying for system 350 pounds or 450 you expect value for your money.
With microsff you get 720 p upscaled to 1080 and 30 with ps4 1080p and 60 . Saying that differences are negligable is deluding yourself .
Onevsystem is pushing 125 percent more polygons and higher frame rates that the other .and anyone who thinks upsced graphics look the same as true 1080 p is even bigger idiot and needs to go to the optician .the last one is serious not even a joke .
Difference is night and day . Being console and pc gamer for years diffwrences are glaringly obvious .

People stop apologising for mocrosft s**te system and saying it makes no diffrence as it does and you well know that .
I don't what to pay more money for inferior system and neither should you.

X1 is a total disaster. We ran Assassin Creed 4,on x1 and ps4 next to each other and differences are incredible .it's like looking at 360 and pc on high specs with greater distance and visual clarity on another level .
Ans looking at visuals of killzone shadow fall is unreal . It's something truly next gen .x1,doesn't come close with nothing else .
And for those idiots who quote Titianfall , let me tell you it will be 720 p upscaled . This game will be played on pc in my household." - firstarioch

PC gaming succinctly summed up, there.


Dark Souls 2 Achievements revealed

"Annoying, I got through Dark Souls without dying - so I wouldn't even get the platinum!" - lukeh1975

Sure you did. And I won the league in FIFA without kicking a single ball.