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DayZ updates to include vehicles, base-building

Additions planned for the first half of 2014

A number of new features will be added to the standalone version of DayZ over the next six months, including vehicles.

The announcement was made during a Reddit "ask me anything" session in which the game's creator Dean Hall answered questions from the DayZ community.


Addressing a request for vehicles in the game, Hall confirmed they were in development. "Vehicles will be done based on the architecture we are doing for items / weapons now (i.e. attachments)," he said.

"So it's in progress really. We are replacing the physics system for items (throwing, etc.) and this new middleware will be used for vehicles also."

Hall also stated that vehicles wouldn't be limited to cars. "I think helicopters and small aircraft will be important", he revealed. "But they should be very complex to maintain."

Elsewhere, he confirmed that other features planned include hunting and camping, as well as a longer-term goal to introduce "endgame" style co-op missions. "However, in order to do this we have to perfect the architecture which is what we are doing now," he added. "Certainly I think underground bases and advanced vehicles will allow some of this really exciting and Eve-style play."

Hall also indicated a desire to scale back on powerful weaponry, with plans to introduce more basic weapons to replace them.

He explained: "Once improvised weapons, bow and arrow, throwing items are in, we will dramatically turn down military style weapons spawn rate. They will be incredibly rare."

As a humorous side-note, he also revealed: "Jay-Z's lawyers tried to get us to stop using DayZ and change it to ZDay, actually. We declined."