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Ridiculous GTA V mod submerges Los Santos underwater

Drive around a tsunami-hit city in a submarine

We've seen a lot of user-made game mods over the years, but this is certainly the soggiest.

PS3 modder Bushigan has made this hack for Grand Theft Auto V, which he's given the blunt name Tsunami Mod. Sums it up, we suppose.

Activating it turns Los Santos into a GTA version of the lost city of Atlantis, submerging most of the state underwater with only the tops of buildings rising out of the surface.

Taking it further, another clever sod decided to drop a submarine onto the city and use it to drive around in the depths. As a nifty side-effect, it also exposes how the game spawns people and vehicles, as they start floating upwards as soon as they 'appear'.

The whole thing makes for some properly impressive sights, and is the closest we'll come to a video game version of The Day After Tomorrow (only without that bit with the wolves in the ship).

A word of warning, though. If you want to try the mod for yourself, you'll need a modded PS3. Since we at CVG don't recommend you start hacking your console and messing around with it, we aren't going to tell you how to find it. Instead, most of you should just sit back, watch the videos below and enjoy watching someone else risking it on your behalf.

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