Epic insists it's 'still making games'

Former Gears studio working on 'multiple' projects

An Epic Games spokesperson has insisted the firm is still developing games, including its long-awaited title Fortnite, despite the sale of its most successful franchise.

Microsoft announced today that it had acquired the rights to the Gears Of War series from Epic, and would be putting its own Black Tusk Studios in charge of the series' next instalment.

The Gears sale is the latest in a long line of important changes at the studio, including the departure of key figures such as design director Cliff Bleszinski and co-president Mike Capps.

The headlines, combined with an increased public focus on its Unreal Engine technology, had lead to speculation the company was moving away from game development.

However, eager to insist the latest deal doesn't indicate a move away from software, Epic's PR manager Wes Philips took to Twitter to reassure fans:

Epic first revealed Fortnite in late 2011. Since then, very little has been seen of the cartoon-based shooter, other than a batch of screenshots in July 2012.

Last year the company's vice president Mark Rein reconfirmed the game was still in development, stating that it "might be the best thing we've ever done".

In early 2013, Epic shut down its iOS-centric developer Impossible Studios. Later in the year Epic founder Tim Sweeney claimed the studio was working on "multiple games of various scope and scale", including a "triple-A shooter".

In 2012, Chinese social games empire Tencent acquired half of Epic Games for $330 million.


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