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Gears of War on Xbox One: Everything you need to know

Here's a straightforward guide to all elements of today's major announcement

What's going on?

Microsoft made a dream announcement on Monday by revealing it has purchased the Gears of War IP from Epic Games, for an undisclosed fee.

Here's the story: "Microsoft buys Gears Of War IP"

Gears of War: the Dudebro Viking

Ah, so Epic has lost all interest in developing games then, right?

Not exactly. The studio was working on the series for nearly a decade, which probably drove them mad, and things are probably a little more complex now that the business is half-owned by a Chinese social games giant.

Yeah but Epic hasn't announced anything for ages. Plus it's lost the likes of Cliff Bleszinski and Mike Capps, so it's not exactly the studio we remember. Does anyone know what the studio is working on?

Well, today one of the studio's PR managers moved to address those concerns. He said the group currently has "multiple games in development", including Fortnite.

Ah yes, Fortnite, I remember now. Wasn't there something else as well?

Er.. the Samaritan Demo?

Tech demo or immensely cool game? I think that answers your question

That's the one! When's that coming out?

Well, Epic never said it was a game, but then again they never said it wasn't either.

Those scumbags!

Easy there.

Okay, so when is the Gears of War Xbox One release date?

Certainly not anytime this year, the project has only just started at the recently-formed Vancouver studio Black Tusk.

Black Tusk? I thought they were working on something new?

Well yes, they were working on a massive new IP at some point, but now - according to Phil Spencer - the project was never in full production. The team, now led by Rod Fergusson, will probably concentrate on Gears henceforth.

Rod Fergusson? Didn't he...

The hotrod!

Pull BioShock Infinite out from development purgatory? Yes.

No, I mean, didn't he...

Form a studio with 2K back in September, before making a sudden stage exit? Yeah that's the guy.

No, and stop interrupting! I mean, didn't he work on the original Gears of War trilogy in the first place?

Er... Oh, so he did. Makes sense then.