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Titanfall Beta: Everything you need to know

A straightforward guide to when you can try Respawn's exhilarating FPS on Xbox One and PC

What's happening?

This Titan looks slightly adorable so I'm confused

Fantastic news for Xbox and PC owners - they're getting the chance to try one of the most promising games of the year, Titanfall, for free via a Beta test.

Awesome! So is the Titanfall Beta coming out for Xbox 360 as well?

Oh. Awkward.

Why the hell not!?

Well, there's lots of reasonable, er, reasons. The Titanfall Xbox 360 developer isn't Respawn, it's the super talented guys at Bluepoint, and who knows what stage in development they're up to? Who knows if they want a Beta test?

Don't give me that you dancing corporate shill. This is typical Micro$oft bullshit!

Remember - they're letting you play a game for free.

Will we have fun?

Yeah, Titanfall was the game on everyone's lips at Gamescom. People emerged from the demo booths amazed. As were we. It's fantastic - take a look here at our hands-on Titanfall preview.

But the multiplayer is capped at 6v6! That's nothing!

Go play MAG then.

Sony shut the servers down for that game.

Says a lot.

Six versus six: Deal with it

Okay, so when is the Titanfall Beta release date?

Well, according to a leaked promotional poster, the beta will arrive on Friday February 14.

That's on Valentine's Day! My significant other will not be pleased. Thanks a lot Micro$oft you berks.

There is a day straight afterwards, I'm told, called Saturday.

Gotcha. So will the Titanfall Beta be available outside the US on release date? Will it come to Canada, the UK, Germany etc?

Well, the leaked poster said it's coming to France. So if it's going there...

No, I didn't ask about France, I want to know if it's coming to the UK.

Yeah - try and read between the lines here - if Respawn is running the beta in France...


Oh come on!