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Off The Record Podcast Ep. 8: Vita Slim hands-on, Nintendo's latest plans

Plus: Gears Of War and your biggest gaming disappointments

Nary a week goes by where Nintendo doesn't become a major topic of conversation in the CVG Off The Record podcast.

Not wishing to break tradition, then, we (that's Andy Robinson, Tamoor Hussain, Chris Scullion and Gav Murphy) addressed Satoru Iwata's recent revelations and what it means for the currently-not-doing-so-great-but-not-as-bad-as-some-are-saying company.


That's not the only subject up for debate, mind you. The all-new Slim PlayStation Vita is not only discussed, we also open one LIVE in the podcast studio and give our initial knee-jerk opinions on it (and let me tell you, even though this is something that would best be suited to a visual medium, the atmosphere is breathtaking).

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