Layoffs hit EA Salt Lake, studio to focus on mobile projects

"Recent shifts unfortunately resulted in the reduction of a few teams"

Electronic Arts has laid off and relocated multiple employees of its Salt Lake studio, the company confirmed Thursday.

EA Salt Lake housed developers working on The Sims projects as well as other teams. The company addressed the layoffs in a statement given to IGN.


"EA Salt Lake is becoming largely focused on mobile development, including The Sims and other projects," an EA representative said. "Recent shifts unfortunately resulted in the reduction of a few teams. As we look to match skills with opportunities, some staff will be offered other positions at EA, while others will leave the company."

Though EA did not reference the extent of the layoffs, IGN cites an anonymous source close to the company who claimed 35 employees were laid off. The source said 40 former Maxis employees will migrate to the studios' headquarters in California and that "all of Maxis is gone" in EA Salt Lake.

It's the first news of layoffs at EA in 2014, though the previous year saw staff cut from across the firm's international locations in response to widespread organizational changes.

EA reported significant digital revenue growth in an otherwise dour financial review on Tuesday.